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The Front-end

The Front-end of the webCirc system, which is customizable to mimic the look and feel of the publisher's web site, provides the interface used by the subscriber to renew or update existing subscriptions or to add new subscriptions. In multi-lingual systems, the subscriber will be able to also select the language in which he/she wishes to be served.

Subscribers gain acces to their subscription information by providing their subscriber ID and matching password. Once access has been obtained, they can perform a number of activities including changing their password, renewing/updating their subscription(s), cancelling their subscription(s), or subscribing to other publications.

The system employs a very simple and easy to use interface, which complies with BPA/CCAB requirements for personal requests. All subscription updates are treated as renewals, which helps keep subscriptions in the personal request category and as current as possible from an aging perspective.

If the Reader Service module is installed, the subscriber will also be given the option to visit the publisher's on-line Reader Service centre, where he/she can choose an issue of a particular publication and request additional information on products featured in that issue. For more information on the Reader Service module click here or click the "Add-ons" link in the menu on the left.